Oralive Elixir


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A powerful, all natural oral regeneration elixir made of live healing earth, oxygen, natural anti-microbial oils, deep ocean trace minerals, ancient probiotic bacteria. No flouride or soap. Helps reset your internal bioterrain with healing microbes that conduct active immunity and bio-detoxification. Essential nutrients and lemurian crystal vibrational energy directly absorbed into the bloodstream via the mouth. When swallowed, it acts as a blood detoxifier and oxygenator. High amounts of oxygenated chlorophyll may discolor toothpaste but not teeth. Crunchiness due to safe micronutrient trace minerals. Vegan.

Directions: Brush and swish hard between teeth and gums 1-15 minutes.

Ingredients: Natural magnetic healing earth, high vibrational frequencies, ground lemurian quartz, oxygen, marine phytoplankton, amazon herbs, essential oils, ancestral probiotics from volcanic microbial soil, and deep ocean trace minerals.

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