Sacred Chocolate Mylk (Dairy-FREE)

1.44 oz

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Sacred Chocolate's Mylk (Dairy FREE) chocolate is our most popular flavor. Because of its high coconut content, our "Mylk" (no milk) chocolate is sweet and creamy just like milk chocolate. It is sweetened simply with maple and coconut. Kids love it! Sacred Chocolate Organic Mylk has been described as "light" by chocolate critics. It consists of a 58% cacao content, yet it is very sweet and creamy. It is certified organic and vegan. It is soy, gluten, and dairy free. Also, it includes the whole cacao bean with the skin/husk still attached for superior nutrition. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

Sacred Heart - The "1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart" shaped chocolate bar is not only beautiful to behold, but also raises the frequency of the chocolate.

Sacred Chocolate's Mylk (Dairy FREE) is slowly stone-ground from bean to bar right in our custom chocolate factory in Marin County, California, which was designed from the ground up to make raw chocolate!

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