Intestinal Drawing Formula

130g & 408g

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The colon is one of our main detoxification routes. A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that seriously adversely affects the health of the entire body. Regluar bowel movements and a clean colon are foundational to better health. Even an apparently non-sluggish bowel that is full of anything other than largely whole plant foods (vegan) with their fiber intact can be a significant source of poor health (fresh, raw jucies are purified, structured water are obvious exceptions and highly encouraged). This superior formulation has been designed to draw-in and absob poisons from the bowel, allowing you to eliminate them and not re-absorb these poisons (an extermely common, everyday occurence for most) - essential to take dfuring a fast to avoid auto-intoxication. It also adds fibrous bulk (without psyllium that can irritate and bloat) while nourishing, soothing, and healing the intestines.

Suggested Usage: 2 level tablespoons, 1-3 (or more) times per day. Mix with 8-16 ounces of purified water (preferably) or fresh juice. Follow by consuming another 8-16 ounces of liquid (water or juice). You may add the two liquid servings into one glass (serving) rather than 2 glasses (servings). Lots of fluids are important due to the drawing nature of this formula. If more powerful bowel moving action is required, use with the HealthForce Intestinal Movement Formula

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