Chicaoji Chipotle Chili Sauce

1.7 oz

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Chicaoji is a hot sauce featuring raw goji berries and cacao with the complex smoky flavor of chipotles.

Chicaoji's unique combination of flavors registers all over the palate. The rich bitterness of the cacao balances with the complex sweet and tart of the goji berries. Agave nectar's sweetness balances apple cider vinegar's tartness. The complex flavor of Celtic Sea Salt weaves all the flavors together. The spicy heat of the smoky chipotles to have a "medium" heat level. The spiciness accents rather than dominates the other ingredient flavors.

Chicaoji's ingredients are selected because they are recognized as (possibly) having health benefits in addition to their nutrition and most excellent flavor. We believe that food is medicine. Our food choices influence our well-being. However, we do not make any health claims for Chicaoji.

Chicaoji contains all organically produced ingredients for their quality and sustainability. Organic food production is important to us as individuals and as a society. Supporting sustainable and organic food production gives each of us a powerful vote for sustainable and organic farming. Our choices make a difference.

Here's a brief introduction to Chicaoji's ingredients.

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