Cacao Products

Cacao Paste - The style of cacao used by more advanced students of raw chocolate making.
Cacao Butter - The main ingredient in raw chocolate bars.
Cacao Powder - Ideal for smoothies, raw desserts and chocolates.
Cacao Nibs - Perfect for trail mix (try a 50/50 combination of goji berries and cacao nibs).
Whole Cacao Beans - Great snack right out of the bag to boost alertness.

Seeds for Eating

Chia - we prefer this highly nutritious seed over flax for our Omega 3 fats. With mucilaginous fiber similar to flax, chia seeds make a great binder for all types of raw recipes.
Flax - this nutritious seed makes a great binder for dehydrated crackers.
Pumpkin - high in zinc, these nutritious seeds support a healthy prostate in men.
Sunflower - a staple seed for many different raw recipes.
Hulled Sesame Seeds - high in calcium, these seeds make a great addition to raw salad dressings.

Seeds for Sprouting

Alfalfa - a very nutritious seed that grows into a very nutritious sprout.
Broccoli - slightly spicy sprout with compounds that may help protect against cancer.
Buckwheat - used for growing soil-based buckwheat sprouts.
Fenugreek - produces slightly bitter, crunchy sprouts.
Radish - Radish sprouts are a spicy addition to salads.
Red Clover - produces a mild, crunchy sprout.
Wheat Berries - great for making rejuvelac and sprouted Essene Breads.


Almonds - The healthiest nut in the world, this jewel of a nut should be in everyone's pantry.
Brazil Nuts - A delicious wild grown nut rich in Selenium from the Amazonian rainforest.
Cashews - Blends into smooth texture perfect for raw deserts and cheeses.
Macadamia - A tropical treat perfect for snacking, also makes a great base for raw pie crusts and creams.
Pecans - Rich in zinc and manganese, this nut makes a healthy addition to raw desserts.
Pine Nuts - This rich, buttery nut is the ideal base for raw pesto.
Pistachios - A delicious snack ideally suited for satisfying an attack of the munchies.
Walnuts - A staple snack rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Try soaking and then dehydrating with a touch of salt added.


Agave Nectar - this unprocessed, low glycemic index sweetener is a wonderful flavor enhancer.
Carob Powder - A sweet, calcium rich, chocolate-like powder produced from the pods of the carob tree.
Coconut Palm Sugar - Although this item is not raw, it is one of the most nutritious sweeteners available. Great for making raw chocolate.
Lucuma Powder - The powder of an exotic Peruvian fruit, this low sugar sweetener has a flavor similar to maple syrup.
Mesquite Powder - A staple food of the Native American peoples of the southwest, this nutrient-rich sweetener has a molasses-like flavor with a hint of caramel.
Really Raw Honey - An anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, highly-nutritious sweetener.
Stevia Concentrate - A potent sugar substitute which actually helps to moderate blood sugar levels.
Vanilla Agave Nectar- a synergistic combination of vanilla powder and agave nectar.
Yacon Root Syrup - The healthiest sweetener in the world. Yacon feeds your friendly bacteria and doesn't create blood sugar spikes.
Yacon Root Powder - a mildly sweet prebiotic (food for your friendly intestinal bacteria).


Celtic Sea Salt - Unprocessed whole salt from one of the most pristine coastal regions of France.
Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt - The healthiest salt in the world - full of bioavailable minerals.
Sole Stones - salt stones used for making sole - a highly mineralizing and alkalizing salt tonic.
Sun Fire Salt - A combination of four of the world's finest salts.


Acai Berry Powder - The most potent antioxidant properties of any fruit or vegetable in the world.
Barley Grass Juice Powder - a high chlorophyll, mineral-rich, superior cleansing superfood.
Bee Pollen - possibly the most nutritious food on the planet. Great for smoothies.
Blue Green Algae - a high protein, nutrient rich food which effectively supports mental clarity by nourishing the brain with neuropeptide precursors.
Chlorella Powder - excellent green superfood which draws heavy metals out of the body.
Goji Berries - possibly the most nutritious fruit on the planet. A staple food of Tibetan and Chinese cultures known for longevity.
Goji Powder - powdered goji berries great for smoothies and raw desserts.
Incan Berries - a sweet, tart, highly nutritious treasure from South America.
Maca - Great for smoothies, raw chocolates and other raw desserts. Great for physical endurance, hormonal balance, mental clarity, and sexual vitality.
Noni Powder - a powerful immune system builder and general body tonic.
Spirulina Powder - the most protein dense food on the planet. Contains nearly every nutrient required by the human body.
Wheat Grass Juice Powder - a high chlorophyll, mineral-rich, super cleansing superfood.


Mendocino Sea Palm Fronds - A unique and tasty sea vegetable for use in raw soups and salads.
N. Atlantic Dulse - The best tasting and most popular sea vegetable.
Dulse Flakes - Rich in iron, potassium, iodine, Vitamin B-6, Riboflavin, and dietary fiber, these flakes are perfect for sprinkling on salads and soups.
Kelp Flakes - A thin, tender version of kelp that can be eaten right out of the bag. Try mixing with Brazil nuts for a tasty snack.
N. Atlantic Irish Moss - Great for producing creamy raw desserts.
N. Atlantic Laver (Nori) - Our favorite for snacking. Try this in combination with soaked brazil nuts for a satisfying snack.
N. Atlantic Sea Lettuce - a mild tasting sea vegetable with nutritional properties similar to Dulse.
N. Atlantic Wakame - Excellent for raw soups and salads.
Nori Sheets - A mild tasting sea vegetable formed into uniform sheets that are perfect for making raw wraps.


Cats Claw Bark - dramatically stimulates immune system functioning. Has been used to treat Cancer and HIV with remarkable success.
Echinacea - The most popular American medicinal plant used for immune system stimulation.
Fo-Ti Root - classic body tonic and longevity herb in Chinese Medicine.
Gotu Kola Powder - a popular herb known to improve mental clarity.
Holy Basil - Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is an important symbol in the Hindu religion and a significant adaptogenic herb in ayurvedic medicine.
Medicinal Mushrooms - all our dried mushrooms are powerful health tonics.
Mangosteen Powder - A potent herb known to have antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Milk Thistle Seeds - known to have a powerful healing effect on the liver.
Pau d' Arco Bark - A powerful herb from the Amazon Rainforest with strong in vitro activity against bacteria, fungi and yeast.
Schizandra Berries - potent adaptogen. Promotes overall well-being and enhances bodily vitality.
Siberian Ginseng - one of the most potent adaptogens (strengthen the bodies overall constitution and ability to adapt to stress) on the planet.
Turmeric Powder - the main anti-inflammatory herb of Ayurvedic medicine.

Other items

Coconut Flakes - Delicious addition to raw desserts and smoothies.
Digestive Enzymes - dramatically boost the digestion and absorption of the food you eat.
Lecithin - Great for smoothies and making raw desserts. Improves digestion of fats.
MSM - the third most common nutrient in the human body, try this supplement with a natural Vitamin C powder for optimum synergy.
Tocotrienols - A highly nutritious, potent antioxidant which is rich in Vitamin E. Great for adding creaminess to smoothies.
Vitamin C Powder - A natural, food-based vitamin C complex which is fully bioavailable and alkalinizing.