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Flora-ZymeTM are a complex formulation of digestive enzymes with added "good bacterium". The "good bacteria" assits the G.I. tract. Enzymes are said to rule over all other nutrients because they are responsible for nearly every facet of life and health. Food enzymes are necessary for healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. Flora-Zymes effectively replace the natural enzymes found in fresh foods which are destroyed during cooking and processing. Poor digestion is a result of enzyme deficiency and can produce a whole variety of symptoms including gas, bloating, upset stomach, heartburn, fatigue and even mood swings. Derived from cultured Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus niger, and Trichoderma viride, our Flora-Zyme formulation is completely plant-based, which allows it to function in a wider pH range than animal-based enzyme supplements. Added to this formulation of enzymes, are the pro-biotic Acidophilus Complex and Bifidus Complex to insure proper growth of healthy bowel flora. Overgrowth of disease-producing bacteria in the bowel is largely due to insufficient amounts of acidophilus and bifidus in the lower intestine. Normally healthy bowel flora is destroyed by the use of oral contraceptives, antibiotics, stress, and excessive sugars in the diet. Our Flora-Zyme formulation is a great way to supplement the friendly bacteria in the body with a daily supply of these important digestive floras.

Serving Size: 1 vegi-capsule.

Ingredients per serving: Amylase - 2,700 DU, Protease - 9,000 HUT, Lipase - 36 LU, Cellulase - 100 CU, Acidophilous Complex - 100 million CFU, Bifidus Complex - 25 million CFU, Tracite - 9 mg.

Other Ingredients: Rice powder as filler.

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