Balinese Cashews Organic Whole

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Finally...a wild raw cashew nut! These cashews grow wildly in Indonesia and are harvested and shelled without heating the raw cashew nut. Each cashew is shelled by hand with special tools that never heat the nut above 107 degrees F. These cashews nuts are supreme quality and are very moist, sweet and nutritious!

Quality of our Truly Raw Wild Cashews:

  • Cashew shelled by hand
  • Never heated above 107 degrees F.
  • Nutrition complete and not damaged
  • All mineral, vitamins, calories protected

What's wrong with store bought organic "raw" cashews?

Most if not all cashews in the bulk bin section are subjected to high heat to remove the nuts from their husk or shell. Most are then roasted or toasted. The cashew nuts that are labeled raw are labeled this way to distinguish them from the roasted kind. You deserve the very truly raw wild cashews!

Nutritious Nuts

Cashew nuts are an excellent source of protein and fiber. They are rich in mono-unsaturated fat which can help protect the heart and are also a good source of potassium, B vitamins and folate. They contain useful amounts of magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, copper and zinc.

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