In Shell Sunflower

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Use these seeds to grow delicious sunflower greens.

How to grow Sunflower Greens: starting with unhulled sunflower seeds grown for human consumption (not for bird feed), soak the seed overnight, then put them in the sprouting environment for 2 days, or until the roots just start to emerge from the hulls. Then transfer the seeds to a soil-filled flat. Spread seeds evenly on top of soil; do not cover with soil. Water flat, cover with an empty flat, leave for 2 days. Then uncover seedlings and expose to light. Water daily; the greens will be ready generally on day 7 or 8 (where soaking of seed is day 1). Be sure to harvest before the 2nd set of leaves emerges, as they get very bitter and unpalatable after that. To harvest, cut greens from tray with scissors, and remove any hard hulls that remain on the greens.

Sunflower greens can be a nutritious and delicious part of a raw/living foods diet. Enjoy!

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