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Certified Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder
Alfalfa has been a staple in our industry for many years. Let's not ignore this land-based nutritional powerhouse. Its deep roots bring many minerals into the plant, a fact that has brought alfalfa renown as a food supplement for the support of joint health. However, its B and C -vitamin content plus its full complement of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, ultimately supply nutrients that support bone health, digestive function, cardiovascular health, tissue integrity, healing, healthy cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation, and balance hormones - among other things. Sprouts concentrate the nutritional strength of alfalfa in a smaller package.

(Note: Dr. Andrew Weil's concern about the toxicity of the protein canavanine in alfalfa is unfounded. Although canavanine is present in alfalfa seeds, it is destroyed during sprouting and has been reduced to sub-trace amounts, having been converted to tyrosine, by the time the sprouts' tiny leaves have turned green.)

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