Raw Earth Organics Jalapeno Stuffed Olives


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A big fat jar of raw organic olives. These jumbo green raw organic Sicilian olives are stuffed with Jalapeno pepper. They also contain water, spices and Celtic Sea Salt. Heat up your heart and put a little fire in your life. May also jump start your endorphines just like the Habanero Spiced Sicilian Style Raw Organic Olives. Life goes better with olives. Does not contain pits. A raw food treat.

Ingredients: Organic Olives, Water, Jalapenos, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Chili Pepper, Celtic Sea Salt

From the manufacturer:

"Here at Adams Ranch we have been integrating organic farming into our operation for 10 years. We use a natural approach to all nutritional needs of our trees. This includes cover cropping between rows that we mow and compost back into the soil. This cover crop allows a habitat for beneficial insects to thrive and the clippings provide a nitrogen source to the tree. As for weeds, we have been experimenting with the use of animals, such as llamas to keep the control of over growth.

We currently have four acres certified under the National Organic Program and 40 more acres are in transition to becoming certified. Our processing plant has been inspected and certified to cure and bottle organic olives. In addition to curing our own olives, we now custom cure certified organic olives for other growers.

This year we have launched our new label and product line 'Raw Earth Organics.' The term 'Raw' means no heat processing. We cure our olives in a slow nine-month fermentation process to remove the bitterness, leaving the true olive taste is desired."

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