Hawaiian Raw Granola

10 oz

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An amazing blend of Hawaiian herbs of Noni Powder, Hibiscus flowers, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Honey, Hawaiian Rock Salt, mixed with Superfood Herbs of Goji Berry, Hemp Seeds, Hibiscus powder, Acai Powder, Maca Powder, Cacao Powder, Turmeric, blended with sprouted Buckwheat grouts, Sunflower and Pepita Seeds.
It's Yummy!

11oz Blend of Hawaiian Herbs mixed with Superfood Herbs blended with Olive Oil and Honey to make a unique blend of taste. Dehydrated red hibiscus flower mixed with the herbs takes the Hawaiian flavor to a fruity taste! Once you start you can't stop. And it's great for digestion. Organic and Sprouted.

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