Digitata Kelp (Organic)

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Digitata is a variety of kelp (Laminaria digitata) that grows prolifically in the subtidal waters of the North Atlantic. We harvest only at the lowest tides of summer and fall along the Downeast Maine coast, being careful to follow OCIA Organic Standards for sustainable harvesting and post-harvest handling. The plants look like very large hands with long golden flowing fingers (digits). Although similar in nutritional content to our regular kelp (L. longicruris), it tends to contain higher amounts of iodine, calcium and mannitol - a natural sugar molecule that gives digitata a slight sweetness. Digitata is a great kelp to cook beans with, but it will not dissolve like our regular, thinner kelp. It's perfect for making a soup stock or putting in a slow cooking, hearty soup or stew. It also pickles well in a vinegar base.

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