Nori Sheets Ultimate (Raw)

100 sheets

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Nori (Porphyra Yezoensis) contains significant amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. The vitamin C content of nori is greater than in raw oranges. The vitamin A content is comparable to that spinach, along with fairly high amounts of vitamin B in general. The amount of free and proteinaceous amino acids in nori are roughly similar to that of vegetables. Porphyra also contains a high amount of the amino acid arginine is generally found in animal protein. In Nori, the characteristic taste is a result of the coexistence of relatively large amounts of the amino acids alanine, glutamic acid and glycine. Nori also contains a large amount of taurine known to be effective for liver activity, especially in preventing the occurence of gallstone disease and controlling blood cholesterol levels. Nori contains relatively high amounts of essential trace elements, such as zinc, which is essential for certain enzyme functions. Manganese, copper and selenium are all present and essential for the metabolic processes of organisms.

Use Nori to make raw veggie "mock" sushi or veggie rolls - or invent your own filling for this low-fat, nutrient-dense food wrap. It can as well be crumbled to season salads or other delights.

**BUYER BEWARE!** Real Raw Nori is dark purple, toasted or steamed Nori is green. There is a clear nutritive and taste difference. Remember, Real Raw Nori is always dark purple.

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