Quantum Adaptogen

90 caps

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Quantum Adaptogen is not a "jolt product," loaded with stimulants that artificially boost weak adrenals such as high doses of guarana or ephedra. Instead, its unique, adaptogenic herbs are synergistically combined to focus on nourishing the glands and organs, including the adrenals, as well as creating maximal oxygen and nutrient transport to the muscles and connective tissue to ensure optimal support, detoxification and immune function. Quantum Adaptogen is designed to elicit the best energy enhancement and mental acuity as well as increased endurance and post-exercise recovery. Higher levels of energy and strength can be yours, helping to move you into the "Quantum Energy Zone." Because of the unique adaptogenic effect, it can produce profound improvements across the full spectrum of fitness from the competitive athlete looking for better running times to the couch potato who wants to get rid of flab.

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