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The topic of "kidney health" is becoming increasingly important, given the rising incidences of kidney problems. Until recently, very few people were concerned about this topic. Almost everyone is familiar with heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. While these are probably the leading causes of health problems and death, not many people realize that kidney disorders can lead to many of these degenerative diseases. One of the key functions of the kidney is to filter the blood, keeping it free from toxins and other waste products. The kidneys are also responsible for regulating and maintaining the concentration and volume of blood. Kidneys help to maintain the right quality and quantity of blood, and we should all take into consideration that the quality of blood determines the quality of health. Some of the key functions of blood include: transportation of nutrients, oxygen, and hormones around the body; protection against diseases including cancer cells; and helps stabilize the pH balance. When the kidney is not able to properly discharge its functions, the result is poor health. Kidney failure causes toxins and waste products to accumulate in the body, and disrupts the chemical balance, viscosity (thickness) and volume of blood and other body fluids. Eventually, this can lead to hypertension and diabetes which in turn can lead to heart disease and stroke. Further, the compromised quality of blood leads to a depleted immune system which increases the risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

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