Vanilla Bean Powder

2 oz

Vanilla has numerous health properties

  • Magnesium- Regulates the nervous system, relaxes nervous tension, prevents or helps with mild depression and PMS, and optimizes neurotransmitter function for optimal serotonin and dopamine production (our “feel good” hormones.) .
  • Potassium another mineral needed for healthy blood pressure levels, and it assists with water regulation in the body, proper heart contractions, and helps balance the body’s electrolytes. For your mood, it can help relax blood vessels (which is why it’s great for blood pressure) which in turn reduces stress and tension.
  • Calcium reduces cortisol in the body, the stress hormone that’s associated with anxiety, depression, moodiness, and even weight gain..
  • Aphrodisiac

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Vanilla - it may easily be one of the most well-known flavors in the world. The flavor is derived from the ripened fruit of a tropical orchid, the vanilla planifolia. In the wild, vanilla vines may grow to the length of 80 feet or more. Vanilla is the only orchid in the world that produces an edible fruit, and the process of producing that fruit is a lengthy and painstaking one. Vanilla orchids grow on aerial vines that attach themselves to living trees. The mature plant produces pods similar to bean pods, from six to nine inches long. It is these pods, which contain the ripe fruit of the vanilla plant, that are used to produce the vanilla spice.

While vanilla extract is widely used as a flavoring, many gourmet chefs insist that true vanilla flavor can only be derived from the pod itself. In addition to its use as a food flavoring, vanilla is used to scent everything from perfumes to candles and lotions. It is also used in medicine as a flavoring and to improve the appetite.

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