Vita-Min-Herb for Women

180 tabs

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Organic Vita*Min*Herb for Women is a foundational step on your path towards genuine health and wellness. Our time-honored, organic formula provides women of all ages a whole new level of inner balance, renewed energy, and radiant health.

Unfortunately, most multivitamins in the marketplace are made with nothing but cheap, ineffective and unbalanced synthetic "isolates" and a load of chemical additives-more like junk food than health food.

Nature's medium for delivering nutrients to our bodies has always been pure, whole foods. This fundamental wisdom guided every step in the creation of Organic Vita*Min*Herb for Women. In it, we have united our innovative organically grown vitamins and minerals with meaningful amounts of our Synergized TM organic herbal extracts created to support and sustain your healthy energy, hormones, heart, mind, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. The end result is a rich, biologically superior all-in-one formulation that supports and enhances a woman's body and her vital, life-sustaining processes.

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